Statue of Niai with his wife or mother Isis. New Kingdom, 1st half of Dynasty 19, ca. 1290 – 1200 B. C.

Painted limestone
H. 50 cm; w. 38; th. 35 cm
Purchased from Vladimir Golenischev,provenance: Thebes, probably TT 286
I.1.а 1962
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This sculpture group of Niai, a statesman who was responsible for the count of gold in the royal treasury,
must originate from tomb ТТ 286 in the western part of Thebes. In the tomb the figure must have been
placed in a ritual niche or even a small chapel chamber to which sacrificial offerings (food products
required by the deceased for proper afterlife) were brought. The inscription does not say whether the
depicted woman was Niai's mother or wife.

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