Block statue of a man. New Kingdom, 2nd half of Dynasty 18, ca. 1290 – 1070 B. C.

H. 33 cm; w. 20; th. 15 cm
Purchased from Vladimir Golenischev,provenance: Dendera
I.1.a 2105
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Apparently, this statue originates from Dendera, a center of the cult of the goddess Hathor located in
Upper Egypt. Hathor was venerated by the Egyptians in different images and personalities – as a patron
of love, dance, and inebriety; as the mistress of the afterworlds; and as the mother of Horus, the god of the
sky. A sistrum (a ritual rattle-like musical instrument that was believed to banish the forces of evil and
darkness) held by the man in his left hand indicates that he was an adept of the Hathorian cult.

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