Jar with crocodiles. Predynastic period, IV Mill. B. C., Naqada I

Painted pottery
H. 19 cm; diam. of the body 7,3 cm; diam. of the rim 7,7 cm
Purchased from Vladimir Golenischev
I.1.а 4798
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In the first half of the 4th millennium BC the people of Upper Egypt started to make clay vessels covered
in light yellow or white painting on reddish-brown background (the so-called Naquada I culture). Glossy
surface of the vessels was covered with geometrical patterns, images of people or animals (usually hippos
and reptiles).

This high vessel is decorated with the images of nine crocodiles. Crocodiles were considered dangerous
animals, but at the same time played a protective (apotropaic) role.

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