Stela of Henenu, the great overseer under the kings Mentuhotep I and II. Middle Kingdom, Dynasty 11, ca. 2100–1970 B. C.

H. 119 cm; w. 78 cm
Purchased from Vladimir Golenischev,provenance: Thebes, probably Deir el-Bahari, ТТ 313
I.1.а 5603
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The stela of Khenenu made of rare pink limestone is one of the gems of the museum Egyptian collection.
It may have been made in the royal workshops in the metropolitan region of Thebes. The stela must have
been a part of a wall in the tomb of the "great housekeeper" of the kings Mentukhotep I and Mentukhotep
II in Deir-el-Bahari.
The surface of the stela is divided into two unequal parts: the bigger one features a carved hieroglyphic
inscription, and the smaller one – the image of Khenenu and his wife Zenet at a sacrificial table. The
image is made in the complicated technique of bas-relief.

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