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Grape-shaped cosmetic vessel. New Kingdom, Dynasty 18, reign of Akhenaten (Amarna period), ca. 1351 – 1334 B. C.

H. 10,5 cm; diameter of a body 4,8 cm
Purchased from Vladimir Golenischev,provenance: probably, el-Amarna
I.1.a 5927
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The Egyptians used to take good care of their bodies. Both men and women actively used
aromatic oils for protective, magical, medical, and cosmetic purposes, as well as to increase their
attractiveness. Castor oil was the most affordable, and sesame seed, ben, peanut, and olive oils –
the most expensive. Oil base was supplemented with flowers (mostly lilies), herbs, fruit, spices,
conifer resin, and myrrh.

Starting from the Pre-Dynastic Period, a huge number of cosmetic vessels for the storage and
preparation of ointments had been manufactured in Egypt.

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