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Vincent van Gogh
Red Vineyard at Arles (Montmajour). November 1888

This celebrated canvas was painted by Van Gogh in early November 1888 near Montmajour abbey during the grape harvest. The natural landscape motif acquires the nature of a parable. Everything seems to be melting in the incandescent heat of the evening sun, the foliage of the vineyards is full of anxious red tones and turns into the lilac tones of the ashes in the foreground as it burns. The small figures of people bringing in the harvest have become a symbol of life, which is presented by the artist as exhausting daily toil.
This is one of the few pictures that were sold during the artist's lifetime. In 1890 it was shown at the exhibition of Symbolists in Brussels, where it attracted universal attention due to the intensity of the colour and the anxious emotional state. Immediately after the exhibition the Belgian artist Anna Boch acquired the picture for 350 francs.

Vincent van Gogh