Roman master, Mid-XVII century
Killing of Abel. Mid-XVII century

Oil on canvas
179×284 cm
Held for a time in the Hermitage, auctioned on instructions from Tsar Nicholas I in 1854, donated by N.D. Kolyupanov (Moscow) to the Rumyantsev Museum between 1892 and 1894
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Radical changes are to be observed in the attribution of this picture at various stages in its history. In the Hermitage it was identified as the work of the Bologna artist, Giacomo Cavedone; in the Kolyupanov collection it was attributed to Pompeo Batoni; in the Rumyantsev Museum and later in the Pushkin Museum it was attributed to Pietro da Cortona and his school; certain details, in particular the depiction of animals points to the painter's northern origins, although he learnt his trade in Rome.

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Roman master, Mid-XVII century