Simone dei Crocifissi (Simone di Filippo di Benvenuto)
The Annunciation. Early 1380-s

Tempera on wood, goldplating
55,6×34,5 cm
Acquired in Italy between 1886 and 1898 by D.M. Khomyakov (Moscow), he donated it to the Rumyantsev Museum in 1901
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When in the Khomyakov collection in the Rumyantsev Museum it was held to be the work of the Florentine artist, Spinello Aretino, and it was acquired by the Pushkin Museum as an icon of the Florentine school of the late 14th century. V.E.Markova attributed it to the Bologna painter, Simone dei Crocifissi. It stems from the mature period of this master's work.

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