Pietro Longhi
Meeting of the prosecutor and his wife. 1770-s

Oil on canvas
71×54 cm
Обмен М.Б.Бенедиктов (Москва)
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This canvas in the Pushkin Museum can be traced back to the Longhi composition (dated 1746) in New York's Metropolitan Museum, which until 1941 had been in the Van Beuningen collection in Rotterdam. In comparison with the above work the depiction in the Moscow canvas is turned in the opposite direction: the range of colours used is different and also a number of details. The picture in the Pushkin Museum was probably reproduced from an engraving. Longhi's picture was engraved by Charles Flipard, I.E.Gutvein and I.E.Hyde.

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  • Oil on canvas
    71×54 cm
  • At the PMFA since 1932
    Обмен М.Б.Бенедиктов (Москва)
  • Ж-2698
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