Giovanni Antonio Canal (Canaletto)
Islands of the lagoon and the arsenal seen from the Campo San Pietro di Castello. Middle of 1720-s

Oil on canvas
63×108 cm
Передача НКВД
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This painting forms a pair with Inv. No. 3061 (cat. 120)

The preliminary sketch for this composition can be seen in an album of Canaletto drawings (previously in the collection of I.Brass, Venice; in the 18th-century it belonged to Francesco Algarotti). Opinions as to the date of these works vary, the maturity of the painterly execution would, however, indicate that they were painted c 1740.

In the past they were attributed to the German artist Johann (Giovanni) Richter who worked in Venice; it was M.Y.Libman, who attributed them to Canaletto.

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  • Oil on canvas
    63×108 cm
  • At the PMFA since 1937
    Передача НКВД
  • Ж-3062
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Giovanni Antonio Canal (Canaletto)