Passignano (Domenico Cresti)
Saint Peter Healing a Cripple at the Gate of the Temple. Early 1590-s

Oil su canvas
72×56,7 cm
Закупка Художественный магазин-салон (Москва)

This picture used to be regarded as the work of an unknown master but has since been identified by the author of this catalogue as a painting by Domenico Passignano. The picture represents a fairly precise sketch-model for an altarpiece in the Church of San Pier Maggiore in Lucca. The male figure with a bald head depicted in the centre of the composition to the right of the column is a self-portrait of Passignano. This figure is also to be encountered in several other of his works. The painting bears the mark of his contact with Venetian artistic culture, as can be seen from Passignano's predilection for warm colours and a particular technique for depicting space through the use of colour and light.

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  • Oil su canvas
    72×56,7 cm
  • At the PMFA since 1984
    Закупка Художественный магазин-салон (Москва)
  • Ж-4416
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