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Paul Cézanne
The Plain by Mont Sainte-Victoire. View from Valcros. 1882-1885

One of Cézanne's favourite subjects was the mountain Mont Sainte-Victoire. The Museum has two canvases connected with the mountain and belonging to different periods in his work. The first was painted at the end of the 1870s and shows the endless plain lit by the sun. The orange-ochre tones that dominate the picture convey the torrid heat of midday in summer. The lack of detail in the foreground immediately attracts the spectator's attention to the solemn outlines of the mountain's summit wreathed in a lilac haze. "His palette has grown lighter and conveys the pure, blue transparency of sunny Provence" is how the art historian B.N. Ternovets describes the beauty of Cézanne's colouring in one of his articles.

Paul Cézanne