formerly ascribed to
Flagellation of Christ. Late 15 century

13,9×19,4 cm
Берлин Инв.№1027

A rectangular plaquette depicting the scene of flagellation of Christ came from the old collection of Electors of Brandenburg, the so-called Kunstkammer, from where it moved to the museums of Berlin in the 19th century. Published as Donatello's work in pre-war literature, the plaquette is iconographically associated with two works of Donatello’s circle: a terracotta relief from the Victoria and Albert Museum (The Forzori Altar) and a drawing from the Uffizi collection.

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  • Plaquette
  • Bronze
    13,9×19,4 cm
  • si trova al Museo Puškin dal 1946
    Берлин Инв.№1027
  • ЗС-10
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