Neroccio de’ Landi
attributed to
Virgin and Child. Late 15th century

Height 30 cm
Берлин Инв.№ 1797

This relatively large statue of standing Virgin with Child in her hands (the original height was 70 cm) was a gift presented to the Museums of Berlin in 1912. That year, Wilhelm von Bode celebrated the 40th anniversary of his work at the museum. By an established tradition, collectors of art and antiques from all over Europe sent gifts enriching the museum's collection. This statue was given by Professor Luigi Grassi (1858-1940), a collector of antiques and conservationist, who had a gallery of his own in Florence.

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The item participates in the restoration project "Donatello and Other Renaissance Masters".

  • Statuette
  • Terracotta
    Height 30 cm
  • si trova al Museo Puškin dal 1946
    Берлин Инв.№ 1797
  • ЗС-43
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