Giovanni de Fondulis
St. Catherine. Circa 1500

Height 96 cm
Берлин Инв.№ 2948

This terracotta statue, which has survived in several pieces, depicts St. Catherine. She is easily recognizable thanks to the traditional attributes of her martyrdom — the wheel and the crown. Before the damage, the statue was 96 cm in height. Its original colouring had been lost long before it was acquired by the Museums of Berlin in 1902. The statue came from the collection of Adolf von Beckerath, a collector from textile industry known for his exquisite taste in art.

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The item participates in the restoration project "Donatello and Other Renaissance Masters".

  • Statuette
  • Terracotta
    Height 96 cm
  • si trova al Museo Puškin dal 1946
    Берлин Инв.№ 2948
  • ЗС-47
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