Francesco Laurana
or 19-th century imitator
Portrait of a Neapolitan Princess. Second half of 15 century (?)

Height 35 cm
Берлин Инв.№ 260

Wilhelm von Bode acquired the bust of a young woman for the Berlin Museums in Florence, in 1877. From the moment it was found at the Strozzi family countryside residence, the bust was surrounded by myths and legends – It was seen as the very same portrait of Marietta Strozzi by Desiderio de Settignano described by Giorgio Vasari in "Lives...".

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The item participates in the restoration project "Donatello and Other Renaissance Masters"

  • Bust
  • Marble
    Height 35 cm
  • At the PMFA since 1946
    Берлин Инв.№ 260
  • ЗС-58
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Francesco Laurana