St. Theodore Stratelates and Anna the Prophetess

35,5 х 29,9 cm
МЛК ЖР 423

The majority of icons from the collection of Chuvanov refer to the XVII-XIX centuries. In many
of them influence of Western European art of XVI-XVII centuries is very noticeable. It is can be
seen in the transfer of volume of figures and buildings, in the application of light and shade
modeling, as well as - in the use of the principle of direct perspective for depicting of space.
During this period iconography has become more "wordy": a lot of details and decorations have
appeared. Colors are bright and saturated, often resemble enamels. The painted surface of the
icon together with rich riza resembles a jewel. An example of such a novelty in the icon-painting
is the image of Theodore Stratelates and Anna the Prophetess of the Stroganov School of the
early XVII century. The figures of saints in luxurious clothes have a bit elongated proportions.
Probably, iconographer wanted to portray them standing on a meadow. But instead of that they
seem to be hovering in the background of the carpet decorated with an elegant pattern (becoming
voluminous, figures have not gained heaviness).

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