Troyanovskaya, Anna Ivanovna
Portrait of Sviatoslav Richter at the piano. The second half of 1940-s

"Anna Troyanovskaya — my great friend, with whom I spent so many hours of my life. I used to work and I tried to draw with pastels at her apartment. She is a gifted by nature person, the artist — student of Serov, Pasternak, Matisse, a passionate admirer of El Greco, and the singer-amateur (in home concerts Metner accompanied her and left her his piano, at which I used to train my skills). The native Muscovite, friend of the houses of Chaliapiny and Stanislavsky. She has been flying with Yumashev to the front, was a friend of Natalia Nikolaevna Volokhova, whom I met with her and got acquainted"

Sviatoslav Richter

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