Trentin (?), Angelo
Portrait of Theophile Danilovich Richter. 1890s

"My father came from a family of German colonists, he was a gifted person in many fields. He studied in Vienna together with Schreker - at Fishgofs and Fuchs. In Vienna he spent about twenty years of his life. My father was good at playing the piano, especially romantic pieces of Schumann and Chopin. In his youth he gave concerts as a pianist. He perfectly played the organ and often improvised on it. Many people used to come to listen to his improvisations to Odessa church, where he has always played, and to the Opera House, where he has worked as organist. Audience has remembered for a long time one of those improvisations - in the civil memorial service for the Pribik. At that time I was in Moscow, but, according to friends who heard it then, it was something extraordinary".

Sviatoslav Richter