Frequently asked questions regarding e-tickets

How can I use my e-ticket?

Just like a regular ticket — you can gain admission to an exhibition after presenting your ticket in electronic or printed form at a checkpoint. A reduced-fare ticket must be exchanged at a ticket office. Please make sure to bring the documents verifying the right to a reduced fare.


Do I have to exchange a free ticket for a child?

It is usually not necessary. If a child looks older than his/her actual age, you may be asked to exchange your ticket for a paper one at a ticket office by presenting a document to confirm the actual age of your child.


Will I have to wait in line?

No. You can enter the museum through a separate entrance. (The Main Building can be entered from Kolymazhny Lane, and the Gallery can be entered from Maly Znamensky Lane)


Is the receipt my e-ticket?

No. You should download your e-ticket using the link in the email which you received after submitting your payment.


Can I change the date/time on my ticket, or can I change the ticket itself?

The date/time in your ticket cannot be changed, nor the ticket itself. You can return your ticket and purchase a new one.


Can I book a ticket online and pay at a ticket office later?

No. A booked ticket must be paid for online.


How can I return an e-ticket?

You will need to fill in the electronic application and send it from the same email used to make your order to An application can also be submitted at a ticket office. The refund period depends on the type of ticket and is specified in the User Agreement.


If I am late, can I still use my ticket? If I come too early, can I access the museum?

The museum reserves the right to deny access before or after the time indicated on a ticket.


Can I transfer my ticket to a different person?

Yes, tickets are transferable.


I made a booking online. Can another person retrieve my tickets at a ticket office?

Yes. The electronic order number will be sufficient.


I bought tickets online and already received them at a ticket office. Can I still return them?

Yes. Please fill in the application form at a ticket office and submit it together with your tickets no later than the date specified in the User Agreement. Please note that you will have to present the bank card that was used to book your tickets in order to receive a refund.


I have more than one ticket in my booking. Can I return only one of them?

No. Only an entire order can be returned, which means a refund will be issued for all tickets in the order.


Can I purchase an e-ticket for today?

No. Tickets on the website are sold in advance. Tickets for the current date can only be purchased at ticket offices.


There are no tickets available for today on the website. Can tickets still be purchased at a ticket office?

Yes, the number of tickets available for the current date at ticket offices is not limited.