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An art museum for educational purposes, named after Ivan Tsvetaev, was opened on June 30, 1997: this subsidiary of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts is part of the Russian State University for the Humanities. The seven galleries of this museum contain 750 casts and copies of artworks from Ancient Egypt and the Near East, Ancient Greece and Rome and from Europe of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, which are to be found in the main museums of Paris, London, Berlin, Cairo, St. Petersburg and also in many museums of Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and so on. The exhibition introduces students to the main stages in the development of world art from ancient times to the 16th century exemplified in its masterpieces.

    • 俄罗斯,莫斯科,恰亚诺娃街(Chayanova str),15

      诺沃斯洛博茨 (Novoslobodskaya)、缅杰列耶夫斯卡亚 (Mendeleevskaya) 

    • 周二 - 周六:10:00-17:00



    • 入场费:

      • 100卢布 -入场票
      • 50卢布 -优惠票
      • 未满16岁的儿童 - 免费
    • 电话咨询
      +7 (499) 973-43-13

    • We recommend you to plan your visit in advance and inform us about it by calling 8(499)678-34-01 or via email