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Elizaveta Likhacheva

Maria Salina
First Deputy Director

Tatyana Potapova
Deputy Director chief curator

Ilia Doronchenkov
Deputy Director in charge of research

Inna Miloserdova
Deputy Director in charge of development

Chepurnoy Oleg
Deputy Director in charge of general affairs

Igor' Pogrebinskiy
Deputy Director in charge of construction

Sergei Dobrokhotov
Deputy Director for IT (CIO)

Vladimir Sergeyev
Deputy Director – Chief Engineer

Anna Gor
Deputy Director for Regional Development

Tatiana Medvedeva
Chief Accountant

Museum directors in its history:

Marina Loshak
Director in 2013-2023

Irina Antonova (1922-2020)
Director in 1965–2013, President in 2013–2020