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Art européen et américain des XIXème et XXème siècles

This department was established in 2006, when part of the picture gallery was moved into a standalone building and the Gallery of 19th and 20th Century European and American Art opened. The collections that were transfered to the new department cover the period from the 1810s/1820s to the end of the 20th century and represent the history of art in its fullness and diversity. About 400 works are permanently exhibited in the halls of the Gallery, while 579 exhibits are stored in the department.

    • Alexandra Danilova
      Head of the Department
    • Anna Poznanskaya
      Deputy head of the Department
    • Vitaliy Mishin
      Lead curator, Works on paper
    • Irina Nikiforova
      Lead curator, Works on paper
    • Alexey Petukhov
      Senior curator, European paintings
    • Natalia Kortunova
      Senior curator, European sculpture
    • Elena Korotkikh
      Curator, European paintings
    • Ekaterina Efimova
      Curator, Contemporary Art
    • Boris Kluyshnikov
      Research fellow
    • Elena Stepkina
      Junior curator, European paintings
    • Natalia Muslaeva
      Department Assistant