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Purchase tickets

To visit the museum you need to purchase an e-ticket online for a specific date and time (a session), due to limitations on the number of visitors who can be admitted simultaneously. A session is a 15-minute interval (e.g. from 12:15 pm until 12:29 pm) when you can enter the museum. Please be sure to arrive on time! If you are late, the museum reserves the right to deny admission. To avoid the formation of lines, we ask that you do not arrive earlier than the time specified on the ticket. You can buy a ticket online on the date of your visit, but we recommend that you do so in advance because the number of tickets to each session is limited. 

All discounts are still in effect. Visitors with a reduced-fare ticket will be required to present their document confirming their eligibility for the discount at a checkpoint. For safety considerations, we have temporarily suspended the mandatory exchange of reduced-fare e-tickets for paper tickets.

Tickets of all categories are available for sale on the museum website. Ticket sales at the ticket office are temporarily suspended.

Ticket purchase, payment and refunding processes are regulated in accordance with terms and conditions of the User Agreement. To return your ticket, please complete the online refund form.

Should you have questions about ticket purchases, e-mail us at

How to join a guided tour to the Museum

Please read the temporary Admission Policy before visiting. Should you have questions about visiting the museum, please submit them via the feedback form.



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