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Our museum invites volunteers to support inclusive projects

We are looking for volunteers to support inclusive projects and accompany disabled people.

The collection of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts offers a unique opportunity for learning the world and art for all visitors, including adults and kids with disabilities. Our museum has been cooperating with many foundations and associations that support disabled people.

In view of the inclusivity spectrum, the Pushkin Museum initiated the Accessible Museum Program in September 2016. This program combines exhibition and educational initiatives, and arrangements to provide conveniences for the disabled. The Accessible Museum Program aims at the development of special projects and ensuring the maximum accessibility. We do our best to provide the most comfortable conditions for the disabled on all premises of the museum.

We have recently launched a volunteer program to support inclusive projects and accompany visitors with disabilities. You are invited! Join our team!

Volunteer task:

Meet and accompany disabled people in the museum;
Meet and accompany excursions;
Assist in arrangements as part of Accessible Museum Program;
Assist in sociological queries and studies;
Assist in the preparation and holding master-classes for disabled kids.


Detailed acquaintance with the Pushkin Museum’s activities;
Free visit to all museum exhibitions;
Free visit to all museum arrangements;
Education, participation in excursions and trainings for new-starters;
Discounts at museum cafes;


Interest to the inclusion theme;
Understanding the needs of the disabled people;
Amicable and communicational capabilities;
Specialized education and experience in communication with disabled people will be an advantage.

To take part, you need to:

Fill up our electronic form and write a brief story explaining why you want to work in the inclusion sphere. You will be invited to an interview to ask questions and get details of our work.


Today more than 100 people with various life experiences got registered in our project. A series of arrangements were made for the volunteers who support inclusive projects and accompany the disabled visitors: presenting the Accessible Museum Program, instructing on special funds that interact with disabled, or sign language master-classes. An Instruction for the “inclusive” volunteers was specially developed to include reminders of dealing with disabled visitors.

The inclusive volunteers take an active part in making pupils from care homes and orphanages known the Pushkin Museum for Care Home Children Project.

The inclusive volunteers helped implement the following projects: “Museum for Everybody! Inclusion Day”, “World Autism Awareness Day”, “Inclusive Practice Summer School”, “Social Story”, inclusive program to the exhibition “The Age of Rembrandt and Vermeer. Masterpieces of the Leiden Collection”, as well as the inclusive program to the exhibition “Masterpieces of Edo Art: Drawings and Paintings”.

Inclusive Programs Department of the Pushkin Museum
+7 985 863 39 84